Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hi Y'all

Hey Everyone: 

I'm new to this blogging thing and so I wanted to say hi. This blog is dedicated to beautiful clothing for everyone no matter the size but is specifically for plus size fashion and the wonderful women who are placed in this category and then are forced to either spend way too much money for clothes or spend a reasonable amount for unflattering clothing. As one of those women I want to see a change and this page is my first start. I want to show people that everyone needs the chance to find amazing clothes at an even better prices. 

I have always loved fashion and I want people to understand that your style can be used to show the world just how amazing you are. I believe in the power of a good outfit. Wanting to look nice is not being superficial it's wanting your clothing to show the world how you feel about yourself. They reflect the confidence that's already inside. 

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Y'all can message me through these pages, talk to y'all later(: